Thursday, May 22, 2008

Almost there

I have been carving on the big fella for the show and I am almost done. I can see the home stretch, this short video piece is essentially what the process of actually cutting a woodcut feels like on day 12 or 13... or 14. 

In case you are wondering the video is a play off a early Bruce Nauman piece.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The State I Am In

I apologize for the lack of posts, I have been very busy since getting back from Beacon. I am working on a large woodcut for the show in June, and am trying to get it all cut by Friday; it's taking a toll on the hands but it is really looking spectacular. This week they are doing the fundraiser for WNYC; between that and the monotony of carving, I feel a bit like I am in Waiting for Godot. 

I found this video on Flickr that ConstructedPerfection shot on Saturday, and since the blog is about proces, here is some actual footage of work in process.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Window in the Window

Just got back from Beacon where I was completely honored to be part of Electric Windows, an exhibition put together by Open Space Beacon. Thank you to everyone that helped the artists you all contributed to an amazing project, and I think the town will really benefit from this outpouring of art.

This piece is 12 x 8 feet and is spray paint for the base followed by oilbar. They were installing it today as I left, it looks really nice next to the red brick of the warehouse, it makes the colors pop even more. It was a very stressful undertaking as I was working around very talented artists and muralists including Cycle and Lady Pink just to name a few. I think the pressure was helpful though as I felt the need to really step up my game. There is something truly liberating about working big, and the chance to be doing the work outside and have an audience to the process added even more incentive. I felt a real outpouring from the community of interest, and appreciation.

Thanks so much to Luna Park by the way for taking this photo.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Electric Windows

The weekend of May 17th, 24 Street artists will converge on Beacon NY to paint 24 - 8' x 12' murals that when completed, will be installed in the windows of a vacant 19th century factory. The street will be closed off all day Saturday the 17th and visitors will be able to listen to live music and watch artists create their pieces. That weekend there will also be a gallery show at OPEN SPACE featuring many of the artists involved in the windows project. Artists involved include: Above, Chris Stain, Cycle, Dan Funderburgh, Daryll Pierce, Depoe, Elbow Toe, Jim Darling, ILOVEMYBOO, Lady Pink, Michael De Feo, Mr Kiji, Peripheral Media Projects, Pete Wollenger, Rene Gagnon, Rick Price, Ripo, Ron English, Tes One, The Love Movement, Tina Darling, Ultra, UPSO, You Are Beautiful For More information visit

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Daily Draw 5.14.08

I am juggling a thousand balls right now and doing these drawings seems to be the only thing that ground me.

It was very interesting today, as I did the last drawing of these, I noticed a young guys watching me, and realized after he got off the train that I had given a talk to his class 2 weeks ago.

The Daily Draw 5.13.08