Sunday, March 1, 2009

State of Decay

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stualdo said...

Hi Elboe, in nov/dec I asked you on this blog spot where I could purchase some of your art, more overly the "brother can you spare a dime" 2008, I asked you if I could purchase from BRP, you told me to ask them, and I was pushed aside, I have since found that you sell your pieces through think space gallery, I cannot tell you how disappointed I feel and let down by you, towards someone wanting to purchase your fantastic work. I feel so let down

ELBOW-TOE said...


i apologize if you ran into problems. based on your last post I assumed you were referring to my collage work. There was only one of the "Brother can you spare a dime?" pieces and it sold already. I am dealing primarily with BRP at this point, and they are waiting on receiving some pieces from my show that I had in LA. I am not making print based work currently and all work I am currently engaged in is directed towards an upcoming show in June at BRP.