Saturday, February 28, 2009

Do Not Leap to Conclusions

It is bill day, work day end of the month day. Finishing up the drawing for my first painting for an ongoing street project. Just about to start the next collage. 

As I work, I've been thinking more about street art. I saw some new Bäst the other day. His work exemplifies what I was discussing in an earlier post. The street needs his work. His work feels so much more essential on the street than in a frame, in al the right ways. And this is quite interesting as most of his works are square format, which would lend itself to a frame. His reworking of the figure speaks loads about the abstract energy that exists in piss-odored doorways, with the peeling paint, littered with adverts. His action on the street holds a Ray Gun - like mirror up to the city and reprocesses it trowing it back to the city.

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