Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Daily Draw 1.7.09

It's a cold, wet day today with lots of steam rising from the vents in the neighborhood. Contrast that with the windswept rain and it has a quality of time moving slowly. Listened to the other BBC podcast on streetart today with the Brazilian artist Nunca. Interesting work.


redmonarda said...

These sketches, your snapshot moments, capture the emotion, stance and energy of the everyones who we see every day on the train, going to and from work. I would describe it as a distillation of sorts (one person of many, one gesture of thousands), concentated thought on your part, raw because it is sketch/study and not polished as a "finished" piece. But to me evey bit as enjoyable to view as a finished piece.

ELBOW-TOE said...

thanks so much!