Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Window in the Window

Just got back from Beacon where I was completely honored to be part of Electric Windows, an exhibition put together by Open Space Beacon. Thank you to everyone that helped the artists you all contributed to an amazing project, and I think the town will really benefit from this outpouring of art.

This piece is 12 x 8 feet and is spray paint for the base followed by oilbar. They were installing it today as I left, it looks really nice next to the red brick of the warehouse, it makes the colors pop even more. It was a very stressful undertaking as I was working around very talented artists and muralists including Cycle and Lady Pink just to name a few. I think the pressure was helpful though as I felt the need to really step up my game. There is something truly liberating about working big, and the chance to be doing the work outside and have an audience to the process added even more incentive. I felt a real outpouring from the community of interest, and appreciation.

Thanks so much to Luna Park by the way for taking this photo.

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