Monday, February 18, 2008


 I have spent so much time this political season listening to every single candidate find their "voice", mostly through flip flopping on issues, and each claims that the rival is pandering for votes. At the base of all the movements pulses a steady stream of ambition. That is what I have gathered more than anything from all this. They talk about "issues" but it still feels like they are presenting versions of the hope we want to hear, and not real assessments of the way things really are, and what the real chances are that something or anything can be done to correct it.

Working on a new series of collages. The current target of the portraits are of people in positions of power, or seeking power. They have been dropping like flies so it is down to four at this point. The approach technically is pretty straight forward. Comb Flickr for a fair grouping of images from different angles and emotional points of view, all of the same person that the portrait is based upon. Then take a cubist like approach to constructing the head. Trying to give a truthful expression of the individual, but not a direct photographic, perfect image of them. Finding that they almost feel like masks that have been pulled off. 

For this group of politicians their eyes have ben covered with a white bar; ostensibly removing them. The eyes are the window to the soul.


MelissaC. said...

Hey there - I've really enjoyed seeing this series around. i think they're put together in a really visually appealing way. there were an obama and a hillary by the apartment in brooklyn i just moved out of and i really miss seeing them. any chance i can get prints?

Lazaro said...

Hows it going, My name is Laz and I totally admire your work. I recently discovered you after visiting NYC. I have spent the last week hunting down your name and a means of contacting you. I wanted to talk to you about your series of deconstructed politicians... pure poetry. I love the way you composed the faces from different sources and yet their individual personas are still intact. I wanted to know if any of these prints are available to buy. If so, I would love to own the complete set, they are all incredible. Please let me know if this is possible. I hope so. Thank you for your time,